UGLY AMERICAN: The REAL Hillary Clinton (VIDEO) Caught On Tape, Extremely Rude To Black Student


Look what we have here.  The real Crooked Hillary Clinton caught on video tape.  If you have read any of the dozens of books written about Bill and Hillary Clinton you will recognize her instantly as the “authentic” Hillary Clinton.  (VIDEO BELOW) 

It is obvious that they are in a different country because there is a lady translating for the boy that asked the question.  Do you think Donald Trump would be horribly rude to a young boy like Hillary is? (VIDEO BELOW)   

The Dishonest Crooked Media will NEVER show anyone this so it’s up to us to show the world the “REAL” Hillary.  Please SHARE this with everyone you know.  We’re running out of time.


This IS the Hillary Clinton that all of her friends, colleagues, staff and Secret Service Agents describe in the books I’ve read.  Just lovely isn’t she?



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  1. wick·ed·ness
    the quality of being evil or morally wrong:
    “the wickedness of the regime”
    synonyms: evil · sin · evildoing · sinfulness · iniquity · vileness ·
    baseness · badness · wrongdoing · dishonesty · unscrupulousness · roguery · villainy · viciousness · degeneracy · depravity · immorality · vice · corruption · corruptness · devilry · fiendishness · malfeasance · crookedness · turpitude SHE IS 2 LOW 4 WORDS. PURE DEMONIC!!!POWER CRAZY & MONEY HUNGRY!

  2. The congress had enough evidence to impeach Hilary . This is the time to impeach her before she gets elected to president. This is the most corrupted politician know history DNC she acts as the gestapos she gives the order and people end up dead . I am worry about Jillian Assange bring killed by the lunatic Hilary she can not confront the truth about her own corruption.


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