Trump Ready To Cancel Health-Care Benefits for Lawmakers. Don’t Think He Won’t!

Swamp Drain

President Trump just threatened Congress. He is willing to hit them where it hurts, and they deserve it. Saturday, the President tweeted: (VIDEO BELOW)

“If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!”

It turns out that members of Congress are not subject to Obamacare like the rest of us, and if they don’t get off their asses and pass a new HealthCare Bill soon, President Trump is going to eliminate the loophole that allows Congress to be exempt from Obamacare.

Can we hear a “HECK YES”?!?! (VIDEO BELOW)

That is perfect! Anyone who doubts that the President will actually follow through and do it, must have had their head in the sand for the past six months.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Mr. Trump’s statement came less than two days after the collapse in the Senate of Republicans’ effort to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

For months, Mr. Trump has threatened to stop reimbursements to insurance companies—a part of the ACA—but his administration has always paid them in the end, including amid significant uncertainty in June and at a crucial moment in GOP negotiations just a week ago in July.

The next set of payments, which total millions of dollars for insurers that have lowered deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs for the poorest enrollees in coverage under the law also known as Obamacare, is due in three weeks.

Mr. Trump’s Saturday tweet came on the heels of several others expressing his disappointment that GOP senators had so far failed to come together around a single piece of legislation that would fulfill a shared campaign pledge of repealing the ACA and enacting their own set of proposals in its place.

What is really insane is the way Congress has been getting away with this to begin with. This is a perfect example of another shady deal from the Obama administration. Here’s how the trickery works now: (VIDEO BELOW)

The Independent Journal Review writes:

In the FEHBP, under Section 8901(6) of Title V, the health plans must be “group” plans. So, no problem: OPM certified the DC SHOP exchange, reserved for firms with fewer than fifty employees, as the health insurance exchange for Congress.

All Congress had to do was to somehow turn itself into a small business, with fewer than fifty employees. And, incredibly, that is exactly what unnamed congressional bureaucrats did: They submitted paperwork identifying each chamber of Congress as a small business, employing forty-five people apiece.

** In other words the Government is using government loopholes to cheat the Government! WOW! JUST WOW!

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  1. I say hell yeah do it let them live like normal Americans let them struggle the same as the American public has to do instead of all the Free

  2. should have been that way all along . all of government should have to follow all laws and rules put to the public .

  3. So it now they so deserve it for taking the rights of Americans away once again. Now go get them end it once and for all now. They do not deserve to have free top notch coverage !!! Not now or ever again for free make them pay big time for the vote they put thru !

  4. He should do it, they would have a better understanding of how bad obamacare is …and then maybe they will get out of the insurance business. congress should have the same insurance as the people do go Trump!

  5. Senator McCain used the regular hospital from news reports instead of the VA. What was the cost of his operation?

    • Because he has Senate health insurance and TriCare in addition to VA. My father was retired military and chose local doctors with TriCare as he could stay closer to home. What is your point? The VA is great for those with no other options (veterans that didn’t do a full career and/or lower income). My uncle that was drafted for Vietnam used the VA as his only source of health care. They did a great job and provided him in home hospice.

  6. Trump is not one to take much more…he has feeled congress out, now he knows just where it needs to start…he’ll do it because he’ll form his own people to help carry it out….Congress is now on thin ICE, INS. CO’s are, and yes, people that still like OBAMA and HILLARY, JED BUSH, and all the rest needs to be taken out of the picture fast………to much B.S.

  7. One paragraph said Congress declared Congress a small business with fewer than 50 employees. Then it said each chamber had 45 members. What???there are 435 Representatives and 50 Senators. Something doesn’t jive here.

  8. It’s about time!! You go Mr.President! What or who says that they are any better than us “common” people! How easily they forget that they work for us or at least they are supposed to be! Give them all their beloved Obama Care and see how fast they repeal it then! I’m sure it wouldn’t take long! I am so proud that we finally have a Man in the white house and excuse me for saying this but a Man that has some balls and won’t sit by anymore and watch the United States go to hell in a hand basket!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  9. McCain uses regular hospital instead of V.A., McCain known better, if a V.A.Medical center harms you, not only will they not inform you, they will neglect to document what they have done to you, then will fail to notify other providers such as your primary, further sabotaging your care, then refuse to make proper referrals, will collude with outside providers to obscure the mal-practice,negligence, encourage outside providers to submit sham exams that never occurred, then reward these co-conspirators as outside V.A. providers, all this malfeasance constitutes criminal conduct, resulting in medical neglect, and as whole host of subsequent avoidable complications, you are no longer a patient, but an adversary, most lack the awareness, intelligence and intellect to uncover their cover-up, and as a result before one becomes cognizant, one wanders among those who harmed them, looking with blind faith, trust and confidence to the very institution that caused harmed in the first place, adding insult to injury, quite the conundrum,

  10. Trump is tough as nails and no body to Mess with. He plays a better game of chess then they do. OUR PRESIDENT IS AWESOME and nerves of steel.

  11. Hell yes put them SOB’s on the same thing they put us on. They have lost their way a long time back as to who they are suppose to be working for. They work for us, and it is all for one and one for all. They need term limits too and it’s past time for the people in this nation to stand up and take control of BS. It only takes 2/3 of the states to get together to amend the Constitution, and with we can make the changes that we need to limit their free ride. It’s about time for them idiots to face up to who they work for, all I can say is Mr. President is go for it.

  12. Congress thinks Obamacare is good enough for the American People then it is goodbye enough for the stick it to the TRUMP FUCK CONGRESS SCUM BAGS

  13. DO IT, THE ONLY CORRECT WAY IS FOR ALL OF TO HAVE THE SAME BENEFITS. OBAMA CARE WAS PASSED WITH NO ONE READING IT. AT THE SAME MOMENT THEY WERE EXCLUDED AND KEPT WHAT THEY HAD!.i feel they knew they did not want to sacrifice. If we don’t buy it money is taken away on taxes. Premiums went up, many could not pay, another sacrifice. Then paying for care took all funds. Crazy. FIX THIS NOW.

  14. YES! Make Congress live down to the standards we the people have to live by. Nice that the Dems passed the loophole that make them exempt…Sorry about my language but most of them are a$$holes and shouldn’t even be in Congress…Represent the people…My a$$ DRAIN THE SEWER!!!!

  15. DO IT! Why do the people in Washington think they are better than the ones that elected them? They should have the same benefits as the average American has, and when their term is up, ALL benefits stop! Let them know how the average working man has to live and live accordingly.

  16. Would just love it! That’s what we’ve been saying all along, put congress on obamacare and you will see an amazing change in just how quickly they will get the job done!

  17. Fully support the president in putting congress on the same healthcare plan as the citizens are suffering with. They’ll find a sense of urgency to get things fixed immediately!

  18. I think it’s the best thing that could happen,, if they want to shove a road block on everything he attempts to do for the people, then let them live like we have to with the same kind of medical care and pay them insurance companies for what? only to come lobby some more so they won’t lose the gravy train..cut them all off and stop the corruption that is going on in least it’s a start to get them smartened up..but watch your back them M/F’s are dangerous and they have proven that more than once

  19. Thank You. Mr President; We are behind you 100%. Its to bad that the senate decided to make a cash cow. They arenot only Cheating the Government But the People who pay their wadges thrugh our taxes and then colect it agian for being Insurance small business. I think they need to be put in their place and President Trump can do it.

  20. He needs to strip them of their FREE PLATINUM HEALTHCARE, that WE ARE PAYING FOR. If we are paying for it, then we should be the ones dictating what they get. No premium money comes out of their pockets, it comes out of ours!

  21. I have never seen people treating our President like this before, and I think he needs to make a believer out of some of them. Mr. McCain thought he was something yesterday after he broke the tie. The Lord is watching and He knows what is going on, I don’t think He is very happy about what is going on in this world. Love thy neighbors as thyself, do unto them as you will have them do to you. Give them things that you can do without to help them win, Love thy neighbors as thyself and they will love you too.

  22. It would be a horrible sin if Congress had to live by the same was they pass for everybody else to live by! Why did they get an exemption in the first place?

  23. They should be made to use the same insurance as everyday hard working people that has to pay . They’re no better than anyone else. Please Mr. President do what you’re threatened you will do.

  24. That would be perfect! Make the crooks live the way “we the people “have to survive. Pretty sneaky how they exempted themselves all this time. Do it Mr President!

  25. Go President Trump! It’s about time these people we called out on their terrible conduct! Let them live with this horrible ACA like the rest of America!

  26. I agree 100% they should have our insurance with the high cost. Lets not forget cut their pay to say 40 to 45,000 a year. Live on that SOBS. Be poor like the rrst of us with major health issues. We are not your free bank any more. There is alot that needs fixed with healthcare. Mr. President talk to the poor but sorry we cannot drive to your house. We can barely get to work as it is. Watch your back those slimeballs are crazy mean. God bless.

  27. Get rid of the exemptions, lawmakers should have to take what they are giving to us, if they think it is good enough for us it is good enough for them and that goes also for the democrats. If they want to not repeal Obamacare make everyone of them take it

  28. Mr President, please Stop bailing out the insurance companies and please put every Congressman on obamacare. Except for the military and all first responders, all State and Federal employees should be on Obamacare as well. What’s good for some should be good for all.

  29. MCCAIN might have to take some of that SOROS MONEY out of his FOUNDATION, his care would go on a WAIT LIST just like everyone else’s. Wonder what the Johnny will do now. Welcome to our world

  30. This is exactly what needs to have happen. Put these Senators, an Congressmen on the same healthcare The is offered by our government as a ‘requirement’, and condition to hold the public trust of the office.

    Watch how fast they would fix this Democratic designed flaw. “When Cortez reached the new world, he instructed his sailor to burn their ships. As then the sailors were well motivated”-The Hunt for Red October. The same principle apply here.

  31. Yes go for it President take it all from them. Maybe then they will stop shoving things at you that are right down right out lies and blocking you from everything you do or try to do. Make them have to pay for everything the same as we all do.

  32. President Trump do what you have to do, we stand by you,
    They should have the same insurance we have. It’s time
    you Drain the Swamp!!!

  33. Dear Mr. Trump,
    The only way to fix the
    Healthcare system and the
    Social Security system is to
    Put Congress on the same plans
    As we have.
    Then something will get done!

  34. its good for everybody to have equal share when it comes to health insurance, Congress should have the same share in medical insurance as we have. Same as how obama likes to distribute the wealth of this country. What do you think???

  35. Make them use Obama care and charge them re t for their Capitol Hill offices. $1000/sq. ft./yr. Because it is prime real estate.

  36. Finally a President after the hearts of the American people. Thank you President Trump for bringing this country back to being one nation under God!

  37. Yes, cancell it maybe then they could be serious about getting something done. I think it is time for them to feel the pain that everyone has with Obama Care.

  38. Just who the hell do these Congressmen think they are anyway?
    …special carve-outs for them? No way!
    Let them pay for their own healthcare like the rest of us do, and live with this debacle, OBUMMER CARE!

  39. Wow….This would be wonderful……..maybe, just maybe, they would remember they are e elected to SERVE the people!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!! I’m soooooo sick of politicians!!!!!!

  40. I totally agree, President Trump, do what you have to do. They are no better than the rest of us and if they think they are, they best think twice!!

  41. I think that the states that put them in office should have to pay for their insurance there salery and retirement then if they are over paid it will fall on the people who put them in office not the hole country

  42. YES….. do it Mr President….. Americans people did not treat fairly because of those morons politicians? …. Who are they to live with luxury life on Americans people s taxpayer money? they are no difference between the Citizens needed? ….. but they have been acting they are untouchable high above everyone else because they were choice by people?…… Fire them all and replace with the real people whom understand and have feelings for people….. Follow President Trump action……

  43. They’re all millionaires . They’ll get a platinum ppo plan. It won’t bother them a bit
    Trump want to see people dying in the streets. Diseases being spread like wild fire and 12 hour waits in hospitals.
    Our tax dollars have been pissed away since day 1. NOW those dollars are helping poor people and disabled and your all up in arms. Let’s just buy more $80k toilets and $200 aspirin.

  44. I hope he does it, they all should have the same insurance options we do, after all, they thought it was so good, they made us have to have it. Every last one of the political morons in the corrupted Washington swamp should be made to have Obamacare, and get the same hit deductibles to morons made us have. Obamacare is definitely unconstitutional, but that aside, no lawmaker can pass laws that they themselves don’t have to abide by. Make Obama, and McCain have to get Obamacare now, I wonder, will they get to keep their doctors ?

  45. This has needed to be done all along. Let them feel the burn, that they don’t mind happening to everyone else. They won’t like it,and they will start doing what they are paid to do,with another agenda than their own.

  46. Wow!!Wow Wow do it do it! Make them understand what Obamacare really is.Do it hit their purse strings.Yeah Trump YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH

  47. Mr president, we the people DEMAND that congress and all who receive special treatment be denied that right if we cannot have it too. We have put up with this far too long. Many of us have NO insurance now because we simply can’t afford it. It’s breaking the back of working Americans and we have had enough. Give them Obamacare or no care.

  48. I wonder if you guys even understand Obamacare, insurance, and private pay at all. If the President, bless him, decided to strip Congress of it’s health care insurance, it would do nothing, but make them buy more insurance somewhere else. They are “Rich” people, they can afford insurance from whichever company they decide to buy from, they can still have the very best Cadillac plan in existence. It will not affect them at all. The great lie that the Republicans are telling us is that we have to “replace” Obamacare with another government run program. No, we don’t. Repeal, it and go back to the Free Market we enjoyed before the Democrats started screaming “Healthcare”. The Democrats called the Republicans bluff, and the Republicans blinked. To Hell with them all.

  49. I love it! President Trump will do it and I can’t wait to see it happen! I love watching him drain the swamp!

  50. How ironic one of the turn coats who went against has brain cancer and doesn’t need to even think about paying a dime for coverage. The timing could not be more perfect, but I wonder why none in the media mention this.


  52. Let them pay premiums, there should be zero exemptions from any member paid from govt funds and roll back their pension payouts to what it was in 2008. Before obama came in.

  53. Please do they deserve to be on Obumber care and have the same as We the people that they supposedly represent!!!

  54. I think everyone in The USA should have ACA even the president. Why not? If it’s good enough for most of us . It should be good enugh for all of us. Why should people in government have the Cadillac of insurance while the rest of us who are working our asses off to pay them and pay for their insurance have less? There no more special than we are. Everyone should be tweet treated equally.

  55. This should NOT be a THREAT but a PROMISE and should be done immediately. People who barely get by are drowning in premiums and deductibles. Meanwhile, Congress has free health care? This is JUST WRONG!!


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