Trump Responds To McCain Funeral Attacks, Embarrasses All Elites Who Bashed Him

Image Source: Free Malaysia Today

Talk about desperate? Desperation remember is always ugly and as the inevitable gets closer to reality the uglier the desperate become.

From The Gateway Pundit: Former Presidents Obama, George Bush and Bill Clinton attended Senator John McCain’s funeral today in Washington DC.

President Trump was asked to stay away.McCain was the third most unpopular US senator serving today.

He hated President Trump. The liberal media loved him. McCain Meghan started off the funeral by slamming President Trump with several cheap shots.

Former President Barack Obama followed Meghan McCain by piling on President Trump.

Barack Obama: “John McCain understood that if we get in the habit of bending the truth to suit political expediency, or party orthodoxy, our democracy will not work… Our politics, public life, public discourse can seem small and mean and petty. Trafficking in insult and phony controversies…It’s the politics that pretends to be brave and tough but in fact is born of fear. John called on us to be bigger than that.”

As reported by The Hill: Meghan McCain attacked “cheap rhetoric” and those who use it during her speech at her father’s funeral service on Saturday in Washington while taking several swipes at President Trump.

In her eulogy honoring Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the first remarks from a scheduled speaker at the service, McCain, 33, battled tears as she recounted her father’s wartime sacrifice in Vietnam.

“He was a great man,” McCain told the audience. “We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness.”

“The real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who lived lives of comfort and privilege,” she added.

McCain went after the president elsewhere in her speech, dropping a reference to Trump’s signature 2016 campaign slogan as well.

The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great,” she said to applause.

Enter President Trump. Trump wiped the arrogant smirks right off their faces with a simple declaration.

In other words, I am President and you aren’t.


  1. Obama was pretty good at bending the truth for political expediency too. That’s why so many black voters love him. The way he spoke was so eloquent. They believed everything he said. Every time he spoke he messmorized them. The whole time he was distracting them with real crimes of treason and stealing the taxpayers money

    • Well, I don’t buy into the part of your note that “The way he (Obama) spoke was so eloquent.” He never fooled me for one nano second! Disgusting – and he and his wife and daughters totally took great advantage of us taxpayers (especially those of us who did not even vote for him) by using Air Force One to fly all over the world – apologizing for the country he was supposed to be leading – then using it to fly his wife & daughters to a play in New York City – then taking himself & the witch to Hawaii for vacation – leaving her there to celebrate her birthday – flying back solo to D.C. – then sending the plane back to Hawaii for her after her extended vacation!!!!! Etc., etc. – for EIGHT LONG YEARS Good riddance to bad rubbish! Now, get off the stage! You, Obama, Biden and Megan – totally DISGRACEFUL!

  2. This funeral of John McCain was the MOST DISGRACEFUL of any funeral for a “DIGNITARY” I have ever seen! From his daughter, right through Biden & Obama – they should all be more than ashamed of themselves – but obviously they all have NO CLASS or DIGNITY! It is not proper under any circumstances to bash the POTUS at a funeral (especially when you are a family member, Megan) – but as far as Biden & Obama are concerned, well they don’t know how to spell “class”, let alone know the meaning of it! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

    • they disgraced his funeral hate trump so bad that had no respect for the deceased funeral is no place to dash out ugliness Trump didn’t disrupt the funeral he honored his request and stayed away yall need to stop your hating shame shame

  3. Lord help us all,,the anger hatered corruption,spewedby the left,is sickening,How many of these slimeballs attended. Billy. Graham’s funeral,,,( zero ). Go. Trump, ignore the ignorant,,this to shall pass.


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