Trump Laughed His Ass Off After Pelosi Rolls Out New Economic Plan For America


Nancy Pelosi and the hapless Democrats face a big dilemma.  By now they acutely realize they not only sold out their old base (rust belt union workers) but that that base found a new home (Trump’s big tent GOP).

They never saw it coming, although they should have known the day the Clinton’s took the money and sold out the soul of the party, that this day was coming.

And not even copying Trump’s economic agenda will save them from ruin.

From The Daily Caller:

 Democratic House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer unveiled the party’s economic platform heading into the 2018 November election cycle and it looks a great deal like President Donald Trump’s in 2016.

Trump campaigned in 2016 promising to bring jobs back to the U.S.; reform the tax code to make American businesses more competitive; repair and rebuild American roads, bridges and waterways to improve commerce; and unleash American innovation to make the U.S. competitive on a global scale. The Democrats’ 2018 platform looks incredibly similar.

Hoyer rolled out the Democrats’ new platform Monday, titled “Make It In America.” The minority whip, who originally came up with platform in 2010, and House Democrats spent the past year traveling the nation to better understand the needs of American businesses and workers.

Make It In America is focused on encouraging “private sector job creation” in the U.S., with primary focuses on improving the economy through education, promoting entrepreneurship and strengthening infrastructure. Essentially, Democrats want to make it easier for Americans to find work, rebuild the nation’s infrastructure and increase American innovation.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery…



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