Tim Tebow Cuts Through Noise With Powerful Message Democrats Would Be Wise To Listen To


Tim Tebow is a national treasure because he does things the right way. He has a new book out and he went on Fox News and he sent a powerful message to America.

The left, fresh off the smear job of the century with Brett Kavanaugh would be wise to listen up.

So focused are they on winning a short-term political battle they have no problem ruining a man and his family.

As Tebow says, we need to slow down and focus on the journey, not just the ultimate goal. Wise words indeed in these strange and difficult times.

As reported by Fox News:

Tebow is a member of the New York Mets organization, currently in the minor leagues. Before that, he spent three years in the NFL after being drafted in 2010.

He said that his time with the Mets thus far has been “a dream” and that pursuing it has been a blast.

“I think people think that it’s all about the destination and it’s not,” he said. “It’s about the journey.”

He added that it’s OK to be fearful of doing something, but that fear itself can’t determine one’s decisions.

“We have to let our faith make decisions,” he said. “We have to let our dreams, we have to let our passions, we have to let our purpose lead us into the right decisions.”

Trusting in faith and finding purpose is something Tebow discusses in his new book, “This Is The Day.”

He said he was inspired to write the book after a tragic event he witnessed on a plane, as well as his father’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease.

“It just ignited something in me that, you know what? Life’s not about one day,” he said. “When my alarm goes off, I want to wake up and I want to say ‘Yes, this is the day I’ve been blessed with.”

He also encouraged those with a passion, no matter how large or small, to go for it.

“Live out your purpose.”


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