Stephen Colbert Humiliates Jim Acosta As Even Liberals Boo Jim’s Disgraceful Performance Yesterday


Jim Acosta was roundly booed by America for his disgraceful and rude performance yesterday.

His shameless heckling of Trump was a total disgrace and to prove it Stephen Colbert even called him out for showboating.

And he wasn’t the only one.

As reported By Fox News: Far-left, anti-Trump television personalities typically stick together, but Stephen Colbert broke from tradition on Wednesday when he scolded CNN’s Jim Acosta for grandstanding during a Wednesday press conference in New York City.

“Kind of a d— move, Jim Acosta. We get it, you’re woke,” Colbert said.

Acosta disrupted the press conference when he asked President Trump whether “one of our female colleagues” could be called on after he questioned the president, prompting Trump to question Acosta’s protocol request.

“What does he mean by that?” Trump asked.

In a series of crosstalk, during which Trump repeatedly asked him to “explain,” Acosta said he thought “it would be great if a female reporter would ask you a question about this issue.”

The president replied: “I wouldn’t mind that at all, no.”

Despite proclaiming that he wanted female reporters to be called on, Acosta asked a question instead of simply handing his microphone to a woman. The president did call on a female reporter after Acosta concluded his questioning.

Colbert wasn’t the only person to mock Acosta for the outburst.

“Breaking wind from CNN! Not enough mustard to cover this hot dog! NYC runs out of mustard after Jim ‘Hot-Dog’ Acosta makes fool of himself and what’s left of his porn-pride network at Wed news conf w/ @realDonaldTrump,” Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee tweeted.

Sebastian Gorka called Acosta a “self-obsessed drama queen,” and author Eddie Scarry pointed out his hypocrisy.

“Favorite part of Jim Acosta’s valor at the press conference yesterday was when he suggested a woman should get to ask Trump a question… But only after the men are done talking,” Scarry tweeted.


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