Skeleton Crawls Out Of Avenatti’s Closet, Wipes Arrogant Smirk Right Off His Face


So-called champion of women Michael Avenatti just had one of his own damn skeletons crawl out of his closet and smack him across the head.

For shame Mr. Avenatti – you are just another swampy hypocrite looking to profit off people rather than help them.

Just because you can dupe the liberals don’t believe you can dupe the rest of us.

As reported by The Daily Caller: Two companies controlled by Michael Avenatti have yet to pay the over $126,000 owed to a victim of sex discrimination case despite orders from a Washington state court, the victim’s lawyer told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Elizabeth Eno, a top-performing manager at Tully’s Coffee chain, was fired in July 2016 because she was pregnant, the court ruled last year, awarding her $120,000 from Tully’s two parent companies at the time: Global Baristas LLC and Global Baristas US, LLC.

But Eno has yet to see a single cent from the award, her attorney told TheDCNF on Thursday.

State records show that Global Baristas US, LLC is controlled by the similarly named Global Baristas LLC, which in turn is controlled by Avenatti, the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels.

Avenatti claimed to know nothing about the money his companies apparently owe Eno. “I have no idea. I had nothing to do with the case,” Avenatti told TheDCNF on Thursday.

A judge ruled a summary order against the two companies in October 2017 to pay Eno $120,585 for wage losses, expectation damages, and pain and suffering related to her wrongful termination. Avenatti’s companies didn’t even send an attorney to court.

On February 8th, Eno’s attorney was granted an affidavit to garnish the settlement from the two companies’ bank accounts in KeyBank because the companies had yet pay out any of the judgement money to Eno. Because of interest and various filing fees, Eno’s judgement increased to $126,540.17.

KeyBank answered the writ of garnishment a week later on February 15. The bank reported no property or effects from Avenatti’s companies, writing “N/A,” court documents show.

Three months later, Elizabeth Eno is still waiting for her money.


  1. Future proves past, he is still the scum lawyer he always has been, probably used his employee’s unpaid tax monies to buy him a couple of suits….to try to play with the elite, must of tired from chasing ambulances. Guess it was time for a new Avanetti scam job….


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