POW!! (VIDEO) What Mike Pence Just Announced Will BLOW YOUR MIND!! Thank GOD for Trump and Pence!!


What you are about to hear Mike Pence say in this 34 second video clip is something you NEVER would have heard from anyone in the Obama administration, or from Hillary Clinton’s administration, had she won. In fact, you would not have heard this from ANY Democratic administration in our country’s history, and you probably would not have heard it from any of the Republican administrations either, for that matter. (VIDEO BELOW)

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“Lastly, I’m especially pleased, I know the President-elect is especially pleased that we’re wrapping up this transition on schedule and under budget. We will actually return some 20% of taxpayer funding back to the US Treasury. That is just exactly in keeping with the President-elect’s expectations going forward. He’s a businessman, knows how to sharpen his pencil, and I’m very pleased to report today that we were able to do that, and restore those dollars to the Treasury.”

VP-elect Mike Pence


When have you ever heard that come from a Democrat? Democrats would rarely ever even make a promise like that, much less fulfill it.

If they were coming in under budget, they would divide that remaining 20% between themselves, and still ask for a little more to see if they could get it.

Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence are honest men. President-elect Trump has made a career out of coming in “on schedule and under budget,” and that is one of the many ways he will help Make America Great Again!

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  1. Thank you for your service and may God bless you. It’s going to be incredible roller coaster ride so happy you’re in the front seat. HANDS IN THE AIR!!!!!

  2. Whut?!?! You mean unlike every agency and department in the federal gov. he returned unused money instead of finding something frivolous and unnecessary to spend it on!?! If he could get all gov. offices to do the same, we would be headed in rhe right direction.

  3. Thank you President Trump…. I swear the mouthy, crazy Hillary supporters will shut up soon. I voted for you and pissed off almost as many people as you did by winning. You go And do what you do best. thank you


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