REVELATIONS: Fascinating!! Prophecy Written (Documented) April 28, 2011 (VIDEO) Listen/Watch NOW!!! Believe this or not, If you believe in God this will make your spine tingle!

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**Updated: December 30 2017.  Since our original article, this guy has written a book about his miraculous experience.  We are in no way affiliated with the book or it’s author.

This gentleman claims to have had a revelation in 2011, that Donald Trump would become President of the United States. He even wrote it all down in 2011. Please listen to at least 5 minutes of this before you try to pass judgement.


We are so thankful for President Donald Trump and his family and the huge sacrifices they have made to put our country back on the right track. We believe that President Trump, with help from all of us, will not only MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, but will help us heal as a nation divided.   If you believe this revelation please SHARE this article. 🙂

source: Alex Sage


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  1. Electing Trump saved our great Country. Though I’m not particularly religious, it seems, once, again, a hero threw the thieves out of the temple. The temple was collapsing wit the weight of the scoundrels, liars and thieves. Even if you are a W.Coast liberaltic, look about. Look at your choices: Hillary? Obama, again?” Who did you have to put up with clean hands, mind and heart? You had rubbish.

  2. God is in control of all things. I believe all that’s been said on this video. President Trump will go down in History as America’s best and blessed President!

  3. THE THING IS:: I am one that believe that The LORD GOD had a lot to do with the last election. he tried a black man in the presidency but it was not time for the woman that was running for the office of president was not the time and the one who was not capable and was up to the job. so GOD made his choice it was
    Mr. Donald J. Trump. and we all should get be hind him and make THEUNITED STATES OF AMERICA stand
    for what it has always stood for liberty and justice for all amen

  4. THE THING IS:: This is the way I start all of my writings, because I like what I say because I think of what I write before I write it I do insult tne democrates and liberals the progrogr4sives because I don’t agree with them there were good democrates I would not have so much to say. I was a democrate at one time when the democrates beginning to drift away from the principal the were many years ago but now it have drifted far to the left and my conservative views have stead fast now we have MR. Donald J. Trump to lead us where we should go and with his leader ship we will get there.

  5. THE THING IS:: according to my way of thinking O do think the LORD GOD the son of GOD JESUS THE CHRIST AND THE GREAT COUNCL had a lot to do with the last election though there were a lot that
    that were there to make it as hard for the new president and it was a lot of dirt that was stirred up from
    of the bottom of the swamp and there still is as fast as the enemy namly the liberals who are aganst any thing and every one who is not of their level of thinking or of their idiom or idiology they want the one who was not elected to not necessarily be president they wanted the present day democrates in power. and in far more trouble than this countryb could get out of

  6. A friend of mine also had a word from God that he was to be President! She was so thrilled and so happy about hearing from God that she prophesied that Donald Trump was God appointed!!! What a great President he is too! But the devil never sleeps and has waged a war against our president………and this is one of the problems that we are facing,now!! I remember as a child,there was an election for President and the democrats children would try to destroy balloons and anything they could do to show their violence toward the Republicans.It is something that I will never forget!! Such violence from young kids! That was so sad……..i remember well because it was my balloon that got popped as I was walking up the midway of the LOUDONVILLE,OHIO FREE STREET FAIR!!!

  7. Mark Taylor I was so impressed by what I just watched on that Vidio. I would love to read your book. I pray our president will
    get a second team so he has time to do what god wants him to do. Thank you.

  8. I believe every word Mark Taylor has said! I also felt in my heart that God is using Donald Trump and will continue to use him to speak to the hearts of America! We need to return to God’s ways and His word for us all to be able to live a blessed life! God loves us all and wants to bless us if we surrender ourselves to Him! There is too much hate and animosity that has taken over people’s hearts!

  9. Just another false prophet claiming a visitation from jesus / god himself. Amazing so many people cannot see through this. Gods got plans of His own. The main deception comes from the pretense “to make america great again”. The only reason trump / putin are in power is to bring world to WW3 – when God will step in and Jesus will prevent mans folly – don’t be deceived in the concept of “Trump” being a saviour. Americans – wake up from your sleep

  10. Jeremiah 23:16- “Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.”

  11. Thank you so much for sharing. I had so much faith in God. Prayers were made from around the world. I posted on Facebook and Twitter that Trump had won the day before election. I had that much faith that God was going to give America another chance. God reigns over Trump and America now. His will shall be done.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing. I had so much faith in God. Prayers were made from around the world. I posted on Facebook and Twitter that Trump had won the day before election. I had that much faith that God was going to give America another chance. God reigns over Trump and America now. His will shall be done.Thank you again. Looking forward to checking out your book.

  13. If this is true, the Democrats will find out they can’t fight against God and win! I always believed God put Donald Trump in the White House, but I only dared to dream of the difference the President will make on our country! I hope these prophecies are for real. One thing I keep thinking about is that the Bible says that the wicked will become more wicked. But, then, they will be evident!

  14. Awesome God has been speaking to my heart too and what you said Mark is the message He laid on my heart. Praise His Name !!!!


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