Media Silent As Trump Embarrasses Bill And Hillary Clinton With Key Provision In New NAFTA


President Trump is continuing to deliver for the forgotten man and right the wrongs heaped on middle America by the establishment.

The establishment wars cost the lives of too many Americans and Trump has re-centered the military to try to stop the madness.

He will succeed because the clear majority of Americans agree with Trump and not the neocons on this front.

Remember, most never Trumpers are neocons that caused so much damage to this country and are simply jealous Americans finally rose up and kicked them out of power.

Another story that is getting scant attention from the media is Trump’s big win on NAFTA. Make no mistake if Bernie Sanders accomplished what Trump just did Rachel Maddow and the rest would put Bernie on Mt. Rushmore.

Because Trump just did something the left has long wanted but none of their cowardly politicians could deliver.

One of the biggest criticisms on NAFTA from the left was that it didn’t include safeguards for the environment and for the American workers.

The charge was that corporations would take advantage of lax labor and environmental laws in Mexico to devastate the US job market.

Another key provision that was attacked by left and the right was the creation of special courts that superseded courts in each country to deal with disputes.

So if a Mexican fisherman does not like American laws about safe Tuna they can sue in front of this hidden tribunal and that decision becomes law in America.

These rules in NAFTA are the true disgrace and at the very least Trump should have updated the agreement to correct these Clinton flaws.

Which is exactly what he just did. As usual, the media, who would have put a liberal on Rushmore if they did this, stayed silent.

From CNBC:

Those heartened by the deal identify two main provisions. One sets rules for auto manufacturing; the other alters rules for settling disputes between investors and governments.

The dispute settlement changes make it harder for investors to sue for damages over actions by member governments. Union leaders and environmentalists insist those provisions under NAFTA, intended to protect businesses from arbitrary political decisions, have become tools for investors to undercut labor and environmental standards.

 The auto provisions would require that, to avoid import tariffs, 40 percent of new cars be made by workers earning at least $16 an hour, and that 75 percent of their value be manufactured in North America. NAFTA required that 62.5 percent of new cars be made in member countries.

The goal of higher U.S.-Mexico content requirements is more domestic auto-manufacturing jobs. The goal of wage requirements is boosting pay for Mexican workers, and thus easing downward wage pressure on U.S. workers who make more than that already.

That would be good news for the “forgotten” blue-collar workers Trump courted in 2016 – and for populist Democratic firebrands like Elizabeth Warren whom Republicans love to hate.

“It’s easier to compete against workers being paid $16 an hour than $4,” said Jared Bernstein, who was considered the most liberal member of President Barack Obama’s economic team. “This one looks to go a lot further toward helping workers on both sides of the borders.”

Look, these are common sense reforms that should have been included in the original NAFTA.

The media, especially the left-leaning media has wanted these rules changed for years, and now when they finally get what they have long demanded they won’t give Trump any credit for making it happen.


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