Kavanaugh’s Wife Comes Forward, Absolutely Stuns Media With Epic Move


The media horde, more jackal than human, has been staking out Brett Kavanaugh’s house for days.

The heat is on and the media doesn’t care who they bother, certainly not Judge Kavanaugh’s innocent and wonderful family.

It’s a disgrace, really, the overreaction by the media. Enter Ashley Estes Kavanaugh who absolutely stunned the media with what she did.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

When press and camera crews from a number of outlets gathered outside her door — as a sexual assault allegation left the Supreme Court nomination of her husband, Brett Kavanaugh, hanging in the balance — Ashley Estes Kavanaugh delivered cupcakes.

According to at least one reporter, CBS’ Kathryn Watson, Kavanaugh offered up cupcakes from Sprinkles, a cupcake bakery in Georgetown.

A nice touch but that does not excuse the intrusion. As for Kavanaugh’s accuser, she also deserves some space from the jackals in the media.

She supposedly has had to leave her house over all the attention and death threats she has received.

Some of her friends have been bashing the media telling them to leave them alone so desperate are they for a scoop.

Look, either she will talk to the Senate or she won’t, until that this is all noise.


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