Israel is PI$$ED! Demands Obama Return Nobel Peace Prize

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After Shocking Hezbollah Report, Israeli Politicians Are Demanding Obama Forfeit And Return His Nobel Peace Prize 

A shocking report has recently been released, describing how Barack Obama and his administration let Hezbollah terrorists and cocaine traffickers off the hook.

To appease Iran, Barack Hussein Obama allowed cocaine to pour into the United States and abandoned eight years of work by our DEA and 20 plus other agencies.  Despite money laundering, drug and gun trafficking to the tune of over $1 billion, Obama let them go.

Needless to say, when Israeli politicians found out about this report there were enraged.  The traitorous hypocrite, American President Barack Obama, let all those terrorists go, then had the nerve to accept the Nobel Peace prize.  You can’t even make up stuff like this,

Here’s what some of the Israeli politicians had to say. According to the Jerusalem Post:

“Obama must return his Nobel Peace Prize. Israel warned repeatedly that there can be no connection between the nuclear deal and anti-terror activity, certainly against Hezbollah…We also warned of this specifically, because of the proven link between Hezbollah and Iran.”

— Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid

 “Up until the Obama Administration, every American President fought terrorism uncompromisingly…I am convinced that the Trump Administration will not turn from that tradition and the outrageous and mistaken policy that was revealed this week will not be repeated.”

— Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi

 “It was clear that the government was willing to do anything to reach an agreement, including ignoring Iranian terror that took the lives of hundreds of Americans and Israelis and hundreds of thousands of Syrians. This exposée and others that may be published in the future must strengthen our resolve…[to] change this dangerous agreement.”

— Former Israeli ambassador to the US Michael Oren

 “Does anyone still doubt why Obama was bad for Israel and how Trump is better for us?”

— Communications Minister Ayoob Kara

(h/t:  Daily Caller)

“Obama must return his Nobel Peace Prize”, say Israeli politicians.  What to YOU think?  Please let us know and SHARE this article.  Thank you


  1. Not gonna lie … I did not, still do not, have any idea why the newly elected Obama was presented with a Nobel Peace Prize. It looked as though all he had done to earn it was be the first black fellow elected Prez in which case it would have been more appropriate to give high fives to the American people for passing that barrier. And … damn. I wish he had not been a progressive leftist. Not at all pleased with the one world order, Soros driven folk. Hate that agenda I truly do. Bad berries.

    • Your words are exactly my thinking! I couldn’t understand what he did. Our family is in Stockholm and they think he was the best thing since sliced bread. We asked them WHY? And they repeated all the garbage the media said. Now the same with Trump, they hate him because the media does. Can’t understand what happened to common sense.

      • you’re both right…but let’s face it…. name ONE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE laureate that actually brought WORLD PEACE??? ARAFAT?? ha ha ha…what a joke prize it’s been. Give more of the money to those CHEMISTRY PRIZE winners, as they usually find CURES for DISEASES!!

  2. The original Acorn Manifesto was followed to the letter, it stated that to destroy the US Government, they had to infiltrate into and run for Government positions. The usual conquer and divide game. Remember all the meetings at Saul Alinkskys, Obama lived with the Alinkskys for a long while, He and Moshelle stayed with them, it was these back room meetings that all of this was planned. This is how this scum was put in office, first the Senate, then the Presidency, we were out manipulated folks plain and simple. The Democraps are still using all of Obama’s and Hillarys dirty tricks. That man doesn’t deserve a Nobel Peace Price. What he does deserve is a hemp cord around his neck!

    • I agree with all of you before me. I had seen the movie about his life and knew what he was going to be up to. EVIL! He has never done anything for the good of the people of the USA, he hate all of us and I think he came alot closer to taking us clear down than anyone ever realized. Remember when Trump first got into the WH he said that things were way worse that he thought, I’m guessing that is what he was talking about.

  3. In this writer’s opinion, I NEVER understood how or why Obama was EVER given the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE (other than he was the first black to ever be elected POTUS). That was a joke! If anything, he should have been IMPEACHED the very first time he began his trips to foreign countries APOLOGIZING for the country he was supposed to be leading – DISGRACEFUL!!!!!

  4. Obama never deserved a Nobel Peace Prize in the first place. Obama was the worst President we ever had and he should have been impeached. He lied about where he was born and he wasn’t a legitimate American citizen and it wasn’t ever checked out for the proof. All they had to do was watch the movie about his life and then they would have known.

  5. OBama got the prize due to a mediocre leader of the Nobel Peace Price committee. He wanted to gain access to the white house for the Norwegian Prime Minister who was denied by Bush. They regarded him as a liar.
    Now he is chaiman of NATO. WOW! We paid a lot to Clinton Foundation for that job from our sovereign wealth fund. We also paid for Chelseas wedding. To claim that the peace price committee is independent from the political powers is bullshit, nobody believes that except them selves.

  6. I like everyone else never could figure out how he got the Nobel Peace Prize.But his actions spoke louder than words. It didn’t take me long to figure out that He was out to destroy the country! It is Obama and the Clinton’s are cut from the same cloth.Treasonous.


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