Franklin Graham Breaks Silence On Kavanaugh, Absolutely Embarrasses Dianne Feinstein


Franklin Graham has had enough with the liberal double standard surrounding Judge Kavanaugh and has decided to speak out.

Did you hear that even Hillary Clinton tried to pile on and attack Brett Kavanaugh? That is a bridge too far and Franklin let the left have it in a blistering takedown.

As reported by BPR:

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham defended Judge Brett Kavanaugh, saying the judge has a stellar reputation and that behavior from over 35 years ago is not relevant.

He said “it’s just a shame that a person like Judge Kavanaugh who has a stellar record — that somebody can bring something up that he did as a teenager close to 40 years ago,” in a Tuesday interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network. “That’s not relevant.”

“Judge Kavanaugh has a stellar reputation of judicial excellence, integrity, & character,” Graham tweeted Monday.

Graham’s remarks follow allegations that Kavanaugh tried to force himself on Christine Blasey Ford when they were both minors. The allegations were first reported by The New Yorker on Sept. 14. Ford’s name was not reported until Sunday.

California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein sent a letter to the FBI about the allegations on Sept. 13, allowing this claim to gain widespread attention. She also allegedly said Tuesday evening that Ford’s claims may not be truthful, but walked back on those remarks.

“Socialist-leaning Dems would like to see the process derailed, but the confirmation of this judge needs to move forward,” Graham wrote in another tweet. “Pray for Judge Kavanaugh, Mrs. Ford who is making this accusation, their families, & for wisdom for Senate leadership dealing with these allegations.”


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