Entire USA Furious After Seeing Judge’s New Ruling On Trump’s Executive Orders


The activist judges rear their ugly heads again and this time even Barack Obama is laughing.

As anyone with a pulse remembers, Obama’s was a lawless regime. He ruled by fiat not via consensus.

He arrogantly gave democracy the middle finger and got around an uncooperative GOP controlled Congress with one executive order after the other.

Our constitution was written to encourage divided government, as compromise is the best and only true way forward, but Obama rejected the wise advice of those much smarter than him and did as he pleased.

So it is quite ironic that the courts who mostly turned a blind eye to Obama’s lawlessness just ruled against Trump.

From The Washington Times:

A federal judge dealt a blow Saturday to President Donald Trump’s efforts to “promote more efficient” government, ruling that key provisions of three recent executive orders “undermine federal employees’ right to bargain collectively” under federal law.

U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson said Trump had “exceeded his authority” in issuing the orders.

“This Court finds that these provisions conflict with congressional intent in a manner that cannot be sustained,” she wrote in a 122-page opinion. It was unclear Saturday whether the administration planned to appeal.

“In this Court’s view, these directives undermine federal employees’ right to bargain collectively as protected by” federal law, “and as a result, the President must be deemed to have exceeded his authority in issuing them,” the judge wrote.

The White House had no comment and referred questions to the Justice Department, which said it was reviewing the judge’s ruling and considering options. Federal worker unions that had sued to block Trump’s use of his executive authority in this area applauded the outcome.


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