Dems Go Too Far, Announce Vicious New Plan To Ruin Judge Kavanaugh’s Life


Give a liberal an inch and they will take a mile. That’s why Trump never apologizes or ever gives in – because they are like quicksand and you will only sink deeper.

They are political bottom feeders and they want to drag you down to their level – so the only way to win is not to play.

Now, after the GOP agreed to delay Kavanaugh’s vote for a few days, the Dems announce their vicious new plan.

They want to impeach Kavanaugh from his current job if for some reason his confirmation doesn’t go through.

These are vicious, vicious people and they should be ashamed of what they are doing to this man.

As reported by the Huffington Post:

On Sunday, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) lamented that Kavanaugh’s reputation will forever be tarnished, saying it will be very hard for him to return to the D.C. Circuit if he doesn’t get onto the Supreme Court.

“You are taking his career, and the idea that this guy could in fact go back to the court of appeals and continue to serve after this if he were not confirmed, I think is ― is really unlikely,” Christie said.

But if the allegations are serious enough that they tank Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, there will be pressure to remove him from his current position as well.

“If you stand with survivors, the path forward is clear: Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached ― not promoted,” said Heidi Hess, co-director of the progressive group Credo Action.

Brian Fallon, executive director of the anti-Kavanaugh group Demand Justice, similarly said that Kavanaugh is not fit to hold a judgeship at any level.

“If and when they regain power, Democrats need to resume the full investigation into Kavanaugh’s lying and alleged sexual abuse that Republicans have so far refused to conduct,” he said.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) also said that if the allegations against Kavanaugh are true, the House Judiciary Committee “must open an investigation into these allegations to determine whether Kavanaugh should keep his current job or whether there are grounds for impeachment.”


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